Що робити, якщо ви зіткнулися з людиною, яка має російське громадянство або просто говорить російською?!?

Let’s start with the fact that the rise in hostility between Russian and Ukrainian speakers began many years ago. Especially recently, after the brutal and fascist actions of the Russian army. The situation of people who speak Russian in Ukraine who are corrupt has worsened. After all, according to the tale of the Kremlin, people came here to save others. But the truth is that we are all hostages, and more often than not, we are sailing in the same boat. 

When meeting a Russian-speaking person, the first thing to remember is that he is also just a person. It is unjustified to have aggression without a trial or investigation because he speaks Russian or originated in the Russian Federation. We cannot be like those who we condemn. 

Many people living in the Russian Federation have seen their country be turned into a totalitarian regime. Anyone who wanted to express their opinions would be severely suppressed. We would be shackled by fear for ourselves and our families. 

The population that blindly supports the country’s military operation is under the hypnosis of many years of television propaganda. This does not justify them at all. But based on expert opinions, it can be argued that it is necessary to treat such individuals professionally for a long time. Therefore, the main advice is not to try to convince the defenders of your truth. Avoid the difficult subject if you want to communicate with friends or relatives who have opposite views on the current circumstances. 

And if your aggression ever becomes uncontrollable, it is best to see a specialist. After all, our nervous system is the basis of our entire bodies. It’s no wonder they say all diseases come from nerves. 

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