Depression in younger children

We are born as emotional and social beings. During childhood, we go through stages of emotional, social, cognitive, physical development. During development and learning how to deal with feelings, we also get to know „negative“ emotions. Sadness, grumpiness, negative thoughts are part of life and growing up. In addition to this common emotions, which are […]

What to do and how to behave in time of grieving?


When you are in the process of grieving, there are things you can do for yourself that can help you get through that period more easily. In this article, I suggest 5 activities for you to try. Some of them may seem meaningful to you, depending on how you feel, and some are less meaningful. […]

Panic attacks – symptoms, triggers and how to deal with it

Panic attacks – symptoms, triggers and how to deal with it What exactly is a Panic Attack? Panic attacks are periods of overwhelming fear or anxiety. They are brief but can be terrifying and include several physical symptoms. These symptoms are not dangerous but can make people feel like they have a heart attack, can’t […]

How to cope with the uncertainty in a foreign country?

Most international research on refugees has focused on the impact of migration as a critical factor that impacts mental health. Still, there is a very complex and detailed relationship between the trauma level experienced and the subsequent distress. The clinical perspective is prevalent and tends to underemphasize the role of settlement barriers and socio-cultural aspects. […]

How to deal with homesickness

Longing is exactly the feeling that any Ukrainian who has left his native city or country is now experiencing. A feeling that slowly kills every person from the inside. Feeling as if a part of you was left there in a past life. You walk the streets, feeling like a guest in a strange world, […]

PTSD prevention toolkit for war refugees – Top 3 everyday stress-coping strategies

What is your first association when you hear “post war mental health issues”? Most likely it will be the acronym “PTSD”. There are currently millions of war refugees from Ukraine that are likely to develop PTSD due to high-level and high-number of traumatic experiences the war in their country has caused. Experts are already very […]

Postponed life syndrome or why Ukrainians put life on pause.

С 24 февраля жизнь украинцев стала черно-белой. Дни перестали считаться и больше не имеет никакого смысла. Они служат лишь фоном для мирного будущего. Раньше миллионы людей ежедневно вели оживлённый образ жизни: работали, путешествовали, отдыхали, развивались и ни на секунду не собирались «замедляться». И внезапно, в активную жизнь украинцев врываются ракеты, взрывы, блокады, сирены… Но мозг […]

How to cope with the mental exhaustion during the war

Most Ukrainians are now experiencing devastation, anxiety and mad panic. The psyche is no longer working on adrenaline, as it did in the first weeks of the war, but is trying to adjust to the new reality, saving its energy and slowly draining the entire body.

What to do if you encounter a person who has Russian citizenship or speaks Russian?!?

Let’s start with the fact that the rise in hostility between Russian and Ukrainian speakers began many years ago. Especially recently, after the brutal and fascist actions of the Russian army. The situation of people who speak Russian in Ukraine who are corrupt has worsened. After all, according to the tale of the Kremlin, people […]


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